About the Nanoworkshop 2023

11th International Workshop on Functional Nanocomposites

(previously known as “International Workshop on Polymer Metal Nanocomposites”)

20 years after the 1st Nanoworkshop “International Workshop on Polymer/Metal Nanocomposites” 2003 in Kiel, the 11th Nanoworkshop “International Workshop on Functional Nanocomposites” will take place again in Germany near Kiel after being hosted in many countries all over the world. The workshop aims at bringing together material scientists, physicists, chemists, and engineers from academics and industries to share the latest developments in the field of  functional nanocomposites.  Topics range from advanced preparation techniques and new material properties to industrial applications and include computer simulations as well as theoretical work. While originally, the focus was put on polymer based nanocomposites, over the years it was extended to functional nanocomposites in general.

The workshop will be held in the fascinating Plön Castle, the largest of its kind in Schleswig-Holstein, rich in history and  with a breathtaking view over the Lake of Plön. It also offers on site accommodation and many opportunities for touristic activities.

Organizers and Sponsors